Transcendence and Insanity

Concerning the Spiritual in art

In geography,it is often told that the higher one goes,the cooler the environment.

Leaving geographical matters alone,one can learn from art history this simple fact.

Whereby the creative ability/genius leads one to insanity.

Mental disorders such as autism,melancholy,ADD…etc,dramatize and characterize creative people in art history.

Why they “snap off” I don’t know.Maybe it’s because transcendence as an act of being superior in excellence,”drains off” it’s potential candidates.

May be that’s why you have smart and highly creative people suffering in mental asylums because of excelling in their respective realms.


Beyond Painting

The Relationship between Civilization,economics and intelligence

Historians tell us that the human civilization started with the Egyptian civilization.

These early civilization was followed up by the Babylonian,Greek,….etc civilizations.

Economics also played a vital role in the development of these early civilizations.

And as part of the development catalyst,education in conjunction with creativity boosted these civilizations further.

One example of this creativity was painting.

It was very crucial in terms of sending messages,expressing religious beliefs and recording of historical events.

Artists(the people behind this creativity) are often intelligent and sensitive enough in understanding themselves and their respective surroundings.

They are sensitive enough to know issues that affect people around them.They are also smart enough to understand nature and it’s constant tension with economics.

Sadly though,few artists know this and hence lag behind in developing their respective communities.

About Rooms

The Relationship between Modern architecture,Interior design and Wall effects

Without modern architecture there can be no rooms to live in.

But what is a room? Is it some type of space with four walls? Is it some kind of enclosure inside a building?

Without interior design there can be no wall effects.But what is interior design? Is it a plan or a scheme formed with the intention of making a room attractive?

How does one achieve this attraction? Is it by formulating some kind of theories or by effecting the walls creatively?

It’s only by relating wall effects with the other factors that one achieves beauty.

About Interior Painting

Studying Van Gogh in relation with Matisse

Interior painting has been with mankind for many years.Since the early days of ancient Egypt up to the present times.

The European Renaissance was characterized by realist paintings that focused on Christian themes such as the ‘Last Supper’ ,’The birth of Christ’ and ‘The Resurrection of Christ’ that touched a bit on interiors.

In our recent times,famous painters like Van Gogh and Henri Matisse also dealt a bit on the subject.

Van Gogh’s style was simple and direct while that of Henri was colourful and disorderly.

When interior paintings are carefully observed,they reveal a lot about an artist and (according to me)are one of the most sincere ways of self-expression.

But not all interior paintings are direct.Some like the Renaissance ones are full of symbolism and hide meanings in the way items are arranged.

Some are full of psychology and mathematical geometry.

So, if you confuse still-life painting with interior painting,please observe carefully and try to understand.

About Individual art

The artist as a medium of change

People always change and will always change but the cause of this change keeps on changing as time goes by.

Without individualism,the world would be a poorer place.

It is easy enough to praise the concept of individualism since it has always been a principle I have always cherished most highly.

For it is from the individualists that fresh colour,variety and impetus to life that choice itself emerges.

The society as a whole owes a considerable debt to individualists, who have contributed to shaping and developing it in fresh new ways.

Since it is in expressing their own individuality, that these individuals have opened new ways for people to express their own sense of individualism.

Advanced art:Brilliance or Folly?-5

Music,Infancy,Mathematics,Geometry and White light

When Wassily Kandinsky (who had a Law and Economics educational background),saw the brilliance in Monet’s Haystacks,it had an impression on him.

This impression was evident in his later theories,especially the Point to Plane theory.

Where a triangle is yellow;a circle is blue and the square red.The basic plane is in general rectangular.The work of the painter is to listen and to know these effects in order to produce paintings which are not just the effect of a random process,but the fruit of an authentic work and the result of an effort toward the inner beauty.

A beauty that is evident in modern architecture,economics and governance.

In spite of this,little children can represent this “complex” theories in a matter of seconds by drawing these geometric shapes as part of their learning processes.

On the other hand,these primary colours can be witnessed by passing white light through a prism.

Advanced art:Brilliance or Folly?-4

Modern art,Chaos and Freedom

In mathematics,we have the Chaos theory.In politics,we have freedom fighters.In galleries,we have modern art.

In the Universe,we have laws.Laws that govern this chaos.Laws which make music out of noise.Laws that make something out of nothing and vice versa.

Now,without these laws we experience what observers call “anarchy”.

Anarchy is where anything is permissible and acceptable to everyone and anyone, but it comes with a price.

A price that is dear to everyone and anyone and vice versa.

African Renaissance

Outside -the way inside

There’s a common belief among cultural practitioners ,that sees going back to the roots as the best way forward.

Now,if we are living in the 21st Century and can’t rectify what already has been done,don’t you think this is irrelevant?

The world nowadays has become so small to the point of being labeled a “global village” and it is only through youthful energy can we safeguard the future.

However,this youthful energy is usually misinterpreted as being “rebellious” or “outsider”.Outsider in the sense of possessing “foreign like” qualities and mannerisms.

Which to the insider(traditionalist),offers a threat.

Advanced art:Brilliance or Folly? -3

Abstract artists usually start to paint in the “normal” way but later switch to the “other” side.

Why this happens we don’t know.Psychologists may say something “tragic” or “moving” occurred in their lives for them to shift.

They may also say that a person’s intelligence and character can be judged by looking at their wall hangings and the sketches of the artist.

But nobody knows what really goes on inside an artist.

Many books have been published and numerous researches done but none seems to lead.

Ecology and Art

21st Century and beyond

Ecology is a relatively new term for many people.Many find it hard to differentiate environmental issues and nature issues.

Artists on the other hand, have (historically) influenced people’s perception of issues affecting them.

The world (currently) is sick and it requires the assistance of artists (the world over) to heal.

Artists can organize projects, awareness campaigns and mobilize people at the community level so as ……………..

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